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How to Be the Most Extraordinary Babysitter

Ella Smith As a teenager, babysitting the kids around your neighborhood is a rite of passage. It teaches you responsibility for your actions and the actions of others, and it is an excellent first job for some cash on the side. For all the… Continue Reading “How to Be the Most Extraordinary Babysitter”

My Eyelashes

Avery Wood My eyelashes are angry with me.  I stayed up too late, forgot to take care of them.  Forgot to clean them, be grateful for them.  Most days I’m ok, I go about my normal day, it’s routine.  I use them, without knowledge… Continue Reading “My Eyelashes”


Lindsey Carter We lose Half our lives Sleeping. Dead, but breathing, But sleep is necessary, So we must. We waste Our childhoods In institutions That imprison us, But education is necessary, So we must. We spend Countless hours Trapped in various cubicles, Working, stressing.… Continue Reading “Time”

A Dandelion is Not a Flower

Avery Wood If you were a flower, my friend, then you would probably be a dandelion. Well actually, if we’re getting technical a dandelion isn’t even a flower really but more like a weed. Perhaps that’s what makes being a dandelion so special.  Nevertheless,… Continue Reading “A Dandelion is Not a Flower”

Daughter in Waiting

Davis Anderson If I were little, you’d let me lick the spatula. You would embrace me with open arms as I rushed through the door to greet you, Pottery Barn backpack swinging side to side, eyes bright with curiosity and enchantment. You would remind… Continue Reading “Daughter in Waiting”

Longing for People I’ve Yet to Meet

Ava Kate Wall My happiness exists within the people that lie between reality and fiction. I’ve marveled at them since I was a kid,  often wishing to meet them in my dreams. They became a family of fighters, one I’ve always considered my own.… Continue Reading “Longing for People I’ve Yet to Meet”

Infinite Cavern

Ava Kate Wall I wish I had adequate enough words to describe the hole I felt. Maybe you filled it. Maybe you left it bigger than before. . .  all I know is that each time your words cross my mind, I feel it… Continue Reading “Infinite Cavern”

Silent Spaces

Ava Kate Wall What is there to say when no one hears?  To be heard is to be understood, but I live in a world with deaf ears. No one hears, no one understands.  That leaves a lot of silence between me and people.… Continue Reading “Silent Spaces”


Lindsey Carter When I was a kid, I thought it was weird to wash clothes right-side-out. Why would you wash the side of the cloth that doesn’t touch your body? I thought it made much more sense to wash clothes inside-out, So that the… Continue Reading “Inside-Out”


Rachel Mason Overthinking is a delicate, dying artform. Mastery of the arts has become less common in this age of technology. Industrialization and progress be damned; we must revert back to the old days, the better days. The days when no one knew their… Continue Reading “Overthinking”