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Calyn Disbrow “Well, we’re lost,” I exclaim as my best friend and I circle the same tree for the third time in twenty minutes.  “We are not lost,” he replies while his magnetic eyes scan the surrounding area. “Just… mildly confused.” Usually, I would… Continue Reading “Confession”

As I Lay Dreaming

Ethan Erickson Mannnnn, I’ve gotta escape this stupor. Exstupefy? Disstupefy? Destupefy? Yeah, probably destupefy. Prefixes are weird.  Clock? Can you hear me? Get me out of here. I can’t stand ‘ol Marad’s history class. That first lecture he gaveeeee…as soon as he said “philosophy… Continue Reading “As I Lay Dreaming”


Shannon Sullivan As you enter through gates, you will see flowers and butterflies fluttering all over the landscape. Grab a horse and ride up the road. The roads are windy, but the views are beautiful. You will pass fields of flowers; gardenias bloom all… Continue Reading “Shannon!?”

How to Be the Most Extraordinary Babysitter

Ella Smith As a teenager, babysitting the kids around your neighborhood is a rite of passage. It teaches you responsibility for your actions and the actions of others, and it is an excellent first job for some cash on the side. For all the… Continue Reading “How to Be the Most Extraordinary Babysitter”

A Dandelion is Not a Flower

Avery Wood If you were a flower, my friend, then you would probably be a dandelion. Well actually, if we’re getting technical a dandelion isn’t even a flower really but more like a weed. Perhaps that’s what makes being a dandelion so special.  Nevertheless,… Continue Reading “A Dandelion is Not a Flower”

Daughter in Waiting

Davis Anderson If I were little, you’d let me lick the spatula. You would embrace me with open arms as I rushed through the door to greet you, Pottery Barn backpack swinging side to side, eyes bright with curiosity and enchantment. You would remind… Continue Reading “Daughter in Waiting”

The Overdue Library Book

Lily Tyler August sends another notice to about an overdue book. This was the third time this month she had to send one to this person about an unreturned copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. Most people feel guilty and return the books… Continue Reading “The Overdue Library Book”

My Beautiful One Neighborhood Friend

Christina Graham Growing up in Wilmington Delaware I had one neighborhood friend. We should have gotten along well because we were just alike. But like everyone else, I didn’t understand her. She was tall and scary, but she embodied the elegance of no other.… Continue Reading “My Beautiful One Neighborhood Friend”

To Dust You Will Return

He stepped over cabbages and carrot sprouts, beet roots and celery stalks,
only once coming up short and
plunging his heel into
a head of lettuce.


“Goodbye. With Love, Maria,” it read. Far too few words to fill the gaping hole in their home.