Category: Prose


The corset dug into my skin, leaving bruises next to the ones that had finally healed.

Captain’s Son

Running down a slope two lads could be seen from the scope held by Captain Rindheld.

When All Are Asleep But You And The Moon

“What waits on the other side of a moon that glows?”

The Pool

It was greyest January when it struck.


I laid there on the couch, predicting and planning out what was going to happen.


It’s a warm feeling.

Kool-Aid Wars

When Jay was 10 years old, he got a baseball glove for Christmas.

Annapolis Candle Shop

The bricks are new along the sides of the small building.

Princess Katherine and the Bookshop Prince

“Tell me the story again mama!”


“That land-mine blew up one of ours!”