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Lindsey Carter When I was a kid, I thought it was weird to wash clothes right-side-out. Why would you wash the side of the cloth that doesn’t touch your body? I thought it made much more sense to wash clothes inside-out, So that the… Continue Reading “Inside-Out”


Rachel Mason Overthinking is a delicate, dying artform. Mastery of the arts has become less common in this age of technology. Industrialization and progress be damned; we must revert back to the old days, the better days. The days when no one knew their… Continue Reading “Overthinking”

The Overdue Library Book

Lily Tyler August sends another notice to about an overdue book. This was the third time this month she had to send one to this person about an unreturned copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. Most people feel guilty and return the books… Continue Reading “The Overdue Library Book”

the fall

Madison Britt what precedes the fall of a mending heart when will guides to whole an ungrateful truth less darkness in lieu what begins the fall of a healed heart of which touches deep in feverish keep to hold on what’s after the fall… Continue Reading “the fall”

My Beautiful One Neighborhood Friend

Christina Graham Growing up in Wilmington Delaware I had one neighborhood friend. We should have gotten along well because we were just alike. But like everyone else, I didn’t understand her. She was tall and scary, but she embodied the elegance of no other.… Continue Reading “My Beautiful One Neighborhood Friend”

To Dust You Will Return

He stepped over cabbages and carrot sprouts, beet roots and celery stalks,
only once coming up short and
plunging his heel into
a head of lettuce.

The Curse of Chronology

Put hammer to the watch and hourglass;
Be rid of seconds, minutes, hours, days!