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Arabella Mitchell I am afraid of silence. Not the quiet kind. Not the kind that’s welcoming,  Ushering you into tranquility,  But the kind that swallows you.  The kind that roars like waves,  Crashing over you,  Again and again  I am afraid of silence. The… Continue Reading “silence.”

Ballad of the Bookworm

Shirley Yang She stands by herself, but is never alone, for her mind takes her to faraway places, and between her hands is the key to her home. As she flips through the delicate pages, the girl lives through dozens of lives, meets hundreds… Continue Reading “Ballad of the Bookworm”

Things Left Unsaid

Sasha Olander P,  I never wanted you but I always needed you. I never loved you but I always craved you. Your presence never impressed me but your absence pains me. You were never the one but you were always second. JL,  Without you,… Continue Reading “Things Left Unsaid”

Untitled (Andrew Guenard)

Andrew Guenard Untitled 1 I know not why I anger at you  I anger at myself in turn.  For when you turned your eyes from me  You were but another.  For I am a child born of every turned gaze, Of every closed door,… Continue Reading “Untitled (Andrew Guenard)”

Irrational Hatred

Joshua Ward I have a dangerous proposition For you today, standing here in Honors  English class. I’m here to tell you that I despise the English language. Okay,  I don’t mean ALL of the English language, But I think we can agree that a… Continue Reading “Irrational Hatred”

Fruitful Youth

Nolan Coole As a kid, the world was wide, And full of wonder to explore, Each day was filled with endless possibilities and we would stare with wide eyes, And adventures to adore. The world was filled with magic, In every nook and cranny… Continue Reading “Fruitful Youth”

Overcoming You

AK Suzanne Wall Aug. 13, 2022 I know you aren’t dead, but your ghost lingers in my mind, in my heart, & everywhere we made memories together. I see those blurred moments that we shared, slowly starting to fade. I can’t say that your… Continue Reading “Overcoming You”


Kate Tyler You said you were my friend Always there until the end But then you changed the rules Lying, words of bitterness Replaced promises of forever Laughing behind my back Because you changed the rules So all alone I faced the world Filled… Continue Reading “Broken”


Harry Ursitti A silent firework Lights the shadows of my moods Bittersweet closure


“Four more pounds until you’ll be beautiful”