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the fall

Madison Britt what precedes the fall of a mending heart when will guides to whole an ungrateful truth less darkness in lieu what begins the fall of a healed heart of which touches deep in feverish keep to hold on what’s after the fall… Continue Reading “the fall”

The Curse of Chronology

Put hammer to the watch and hourglass;
Be rid of seconds, minutes, hours, days!

I Still Write About you Sometimes

Someone asked me if I missed you.

The Darker Season

Little by little do I see, / The shaking of the changing trees

Life isn’t supposed to move this fast

I should see it coming.

It’s just a feeling

The loss of what used to be.

Where I Belong

I am from the neighborhood park, / From the sand in every pocket and all the screaming kids.

I Wasn’t Myself

I hate you.


A storm of blackened smoke obscures your eyes

Down From The Heavens It Rains Light

From the clouds to a nearby tree or roof, a lightning bolt takes only a few thousandths of a second / to split through the air.