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Rachel Mason Overthinking is a delicate, dying artform. Mastery of the arts has become less common in this age of technology. Industrialization and progress be damned; we must revert back to the old days, the better days. The days when no one knew their… Continue Reading “Overthinking”

How to get over a Heartbreak

Let me preface this by saying that I know how you feel at this very moment.

The Call of the Void: Obsessive-Compulsive disorder

My fingers gripped the handle of the infamously stubborn door and ripped it open.


The beans of sunlight behind my back hide the contents of the small screen.

#NotJustWhiteWomen: Domestic Abuse of Rich White Women vs. Low-Income Women of Color

In Othello, Desdemona, Bianca, and Emilia highlight the differences between the treatment of the rich, white women who face abuse and low-income women of color who face abuse, both in Shakespearean times and in the movements in society right now.

A Historic Definition

History is vice.


Standing on the edge of a rooftop, cigarette in hand, New York City towering behind her, she smiles at the camera and begins tap dancing.