Category: Spring ’21 (vol. XXIX)

#NotJustWhiteWomen: Domestic Abuse of Rich White Women vs. Low-Income Women of Color

In Othello, Desdemona, Bianca, and Emilia highlight the differences between the treatment of the rich, white women who face abuse and low-income women of color who face abuse, both in Shakespearean times and in the movements in society right now.

Captain’s Son

Running down a slope two lads could be seen from the scope held by Captain Rindheld.

When All Are Asleep But You And The Moon

“What waits on the other side of a moon that glows?”

The Darker Season

Little by little do I see, / The shaking of the changing trees

The Pool

It was greyest January when it struck.

Life isn’t supposed to move this fast

I should see it coming.


I laid there on the couch, predicting and planning out what was going to happen.

It’s just a feeling

The loss of what used to be.

A Historic Definition

History is vice.


It’s a warm feeling.