Where I Belong

POV – Bailey Foster
Ella Smith

I am from the neighborhood park, 

From the sand in every pocket and all the screaming kids. 

Feeling the cold wind 

Rush through the jacket I was forced to wear. 

I am from the 6am cartoons,

Forcing my dad to get out of bed 

Anxiously waiting for a trip downstairs. 

I am from -30 degree winters,

Bundled up with a red nose.

Walking to the school bus all alone,

Making fresh footprints in the powder that appeared the night before.

I am from homemade meals every Sunday,

From all the love my mom had in her body.

I am from babysitters and being alone,

Seeing my dad only a few times a month till I was 10.

I am from staying late at school every day,

And 5:30 car rides home with my mom after a long day at work.

I am from a family of food, 

Where we show our love by making something.

I am from music in the kitchen,

And bumping into each other while dancing.

I am from Grandma’s house, 

The wedding dress and the strudels for dinner. 

My grandpa never knowing how to stay serious, 

And my cousins never knowing how to sit still. 

I am from a place where you can sit on the swing outside.

And just listen to the cougar that grandpa tamed,

Walking through the woods at the bottom of the hill. 

I am from a family where everyone is welcome,

We hug each other with open arms. 

And love each other to the moon and back.