Letter from the Editors: Spring ’21

Through a lot of hard work, both on our end and yours, we are excited to present a new rendition of The Living Hand.  First published in the fall of 1992, The Living Hand was actually the fourth literary magazine in Ravenscroft history. Prior publications include Of Time and Tides (1973), Wax Paradox (from 1974 to 1981), and Mindstage (beginning in 1981) . As we transition to a digital realm with this fifth iteration, we hope to expand our capacities as a platform for highlighting student-produced work. With a wide range of writing styles, from poetry to short stories to nonfiction, as well as art and photography, there’s bound to be something here for everyone to enjoy. Since we have gone digital, we have been able to accept a larger variety of art, including our first song. In future years we aspire to feature digital productions in film and audio as well. We’d like to give a big round of applause for our entire Living Hand team: the editors, media team, teacher/student liaisons, website creators, and of course you, the student body. Because at the end of the day without you, we wouldn’t be able to get where we are today. And so without further ado: The Living Hand.

Lead Editors

Arden Henley

Annie Petrelli

Assistant Editors

Gordon Kloster

Ava Lindsey

John Nickolas

Sally Purrington

Braden Stantz

Lily Tyler

Ava Kate Wall

Avery Wood

Logo Design

Josie Ludlam


Joel Karpowitz