In the Rain #2 – Henry Zhang
Shannon Sullivan

As you enter through gates, you will see flowers and butterflies fluttering all over the landscape. Grab a horse and ride up the road. The roads are windy, but the views are beautiful. You will pass fields of flowers; gardenias bloom all year round. The scents and colors fill you with happiness as you approach the small store in the middle of the property. It is called the Heavenly Shop. 

The front of the store has a big porch where dogs and cats roam freely. The animals may go in and out as they wish, and must receive attention from all customers. When you walk inside, there is an enclosed corner space filled with bunnies at play. You may hold them as you venture throughout the store. The store is 5 stories high, each holding a different product.

Story 1: not only are there sweet bunnies to hold, but this story is filled with memories.  From the greatest childhood days on the beach with family, to the sad days when a loved one was lost. You can enter any and every memory possible. Although the emotions vary, they are all in the same place, and could be viewed forever. 

Story 2: As you leave the first floor and are approaching the second, you will have worked up an appetite. The second floor is filled with all the greatest foods you could imagine. From comfort foods like takeout Chinese, to a fancier meal such as steak, this story has it all. 

Story 3: Now that you are full and energized, you enter story 3. It is the most fun, and includes all kinds of activities. There is a trampoline park, a roller skating and ice rink, and even an indoor pool with lots of water slides. This floor has it all; and more. 

Story 4: You have been busy for a while, and are ready to settle down and relax. Enter the 4th floor for the perfect place: the spa. This is not an ordinary spa; rather a miracle spa. This spa has everything you could ever want. From relaxing massages and facials, to beds that stimulate sleeping on a cloud. This spa can cure any problem that you have ever faced. This floor is filled with windows where endless sun rays shine in, and you are never uncomfortable here. 

Story 5: This is the highest, and most precious floor of them all: family. Within this story you can visit any and all family; dead or alive. Whether you just want to sit in silence, or catch your grandparents up on all your wonderful adventures in life, this is the place to go. This floor is my favorite. 

Now that you know what this store holds, please stop by. We are located off the coast of Clearwater Beach, in Florida. Anyone is welcome, and you can stay as long as you need.