Where Did Their ‘Love Bug’ Go?

Getting Older – Sky Bell
Rachel Zaytoun

“Come ‘ere, Love Bug!” 

It was supposed to be fun…

It wasn’t

She’s told “you’re so golden”

She can’t stop hurting others or herself

Everything she touches turns to stone

Seems as though she’s incapable of perfection  

What happened?

Where did their “Love Bug” go?

Is this a pity party?

A funeral?

Is she nothing but a memory now?

This new girl who has infiltrated her place 

She’s not kind

She’s not compassionate 

She’s impatient 

She forgets to think

So again

Where did their “Love Bug” go?

This substitute is told to just pretend

Yet she can’t even accomplish this simple task 

So finally 

Where did their “Love Bug” go?