Off-Brand Dandelion – Chloe Fox
Kate Tyler

You said you were my friend

Always there until the end

But then you changed the rules

Lying, words of bitterness

Replaced promises of forever

Laughing behind my back

Because you changed the rules

So all alone I faced the world

Filled with loss, confusion and grief

Depression consumed my life

Sometimes it was hard to breathe

My heart shattered

My head a mess 

My world broken

My life in distress 

Where do I go now? 

Should I even try?

Should I just give up? 

What’s wrong with me?

Will the pain ever stop?

In a cold, dark room I lay 

Time keeps moving but I stay here

Tears flow but wash nothing away

I’ve lost my old self 

No more cackle to joke about

No more video diaries 

No more marathon facetime calls

Now you do that with them 

The words still ring in my head

It feels like yesterday 

But it wasn’t. 

How do I let go of that cold December day?

A new hand reaches out

Sunshine breaks through

Into the darkness

Turns out it wasn’t me

It was you.

New dreams

New choices

New me

Because you changed the rules.