Ballad of the Bookworm

Mangroves of the Largo Sound – Chloe Fox
Shirley Yang

She stands by herself, but is never alone,

for her mind takes her to faraway places,

and between her hands is the key to her home.

As she flips through the delicate pages,

the girl lives through dozens of lives,

meets hundreds of people, and walks across

countless worlds, each one beside her at all times.

Through the ocean and the rain and the frost,

through the desert, the mountains, and the forest,

She walks and she dashes and she runs.

She adventures and takes on perilous quests,

and she stands before the rising sun.

She sees empires rise and fall,

and watches conflicts ignite and subside.

She learns what it is to be brave despite it all,

with the support of those by her side.

The girl faces forces larger than life,

but her feet stay firmly on the ground.

“I’m not backing down,” she passionately cries,

and she inspires those who are around.

She settles down, and with a bittersweet look,

the chapter ends, with a smile upon her.

“Let’s do it again,” she says, closing the book

and already reaching for another.