Things Left Unsaid

Untitled – Jae Ramsey
Sasha Olander


I never wanted you but I always needed you. I never loved you but I always craved you. Your presence never impressed me but your absence pains me. You were never the one but you were always second.


Without you, I’m alone. 

With you, I am filled with glee.

I always needed you,

But you never needed me.


More alike than we think, we hate hard but we love harder. We keep our feelings hidden, because vulnerability equals weakness. 


Jealousy is a disease. I should be diagnosed as terminal. How can we share parents? How can we share a last name? You’re the flower of a rose and I’m the thorn that everyone cuts their fingers on. You’re excellence and I’m mediocrity. You bring delight and I wreak havoc. 


Just as broken as me. Living life but not loving your existence. Making it through, but not savoring joy. Chasing happiness but it’s faster than you’ll ever be. 


Alone when I’m surrounded by people

 Fulfilled when I’m with him.

Breaking when I’m strong. Cracking cause I’m weak.

 Living in eternal misery. 

Traces of contentment slipping through the cracks.