Fruitful Youth

Untitled – William Stevenson
Nolan Coole

As a kid, the world was wide,

And full of wonder to explore,

Each day was filled with endless possibilities and we would stare with wide eyes,

And adventures to adore.

The world was filled with magic,

In every nook and cranny to be found,

The tiniest things held the greatest wonder,

And left us spellbound.

Running through the sprinklers and irrigation,

Rode bikes with reckless abandon,

We lived in a world of imagination,

Our minds forever expanding, as we grew with our best companions.

We laughed and played without a care,

For as kids, we knew how to have fun,

And lived in the moment, free from despair,

And to live life until the day was done.

Oh, to be a kid once more,

To live in a world without a chore,

But though we may grow old and wise,

Our inner child forever thrives.