Overcoming You

Untitled – Jae Ramsey
AK Suzanne Wall

Aug. 13, 2022

I know you aren’t dead,

but your ghost lingers

in my mind,

in my heart,

& everywhere we made memories together.

I see those blurred moments that we shared, slowly starting to fade.

I can’t say that your departure hurts,

but it does leave me haunted.


Sept. 18, 2022

I wish I had adequate words 

to describe the hole

I felt in my heart

maybe you filled it

maybe you left it bigger 

than before…

all I know is that each

time you cross my mind,

I feel it again

even more

deeply than the



Dec. 3, 2022

I hold a different air around me when I know you’re back home.

What was once happy is now curious, both of what happened & if you still care. 

The curiosity overwhelms me most days.


May 15, 2023

I’d rather be no one to you than to feel your cold glance

because then that would mean I never felt your warmth before feeling your winter.


Curious Dreamings

My gaze loves to fall upon you,

      but oh, 

how I wonder what your glance feels like.