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“Four more pounds until you’ll be beautiful”

The Girl with the Short Brown Hair

If the world was quiet, then you would be able to live without worry


Calyn Disbrow “Well, we’re lost,” I exclaim as my best friend and I circle the same tree for the third time in twenty minutes.  “We are not lost,” he replies while his magnetic eyes scan the surrounding area. “Just… mildly confused.” Usually, I would… Continue Reading “Confession”

Where Did Their ‘Love Bug’ Go?

Rachel Zaytoun “Come ‘ere, Love Bug!”  It was supposed to be fun… It wasn’t She’s told “you’re so golden” She can’t stop hurting others or herself Everything she touches turns to stone Seems as though she’s incapable of perfection   What happened? Where did their… Continue Reading “Where Did Their ‘Love Bug’ Go?”

As I Lay Dreaming

Ethan Erickson Mannnnn, I’ve gotta escape this stupor. Exstupefy? Disstupefy? Destupefy? Yeah, probably destupefy. Prefixes are weird.  Clock? Can you hear me? Get me out of here. I can’t stand ‘ol Marad’s history class. That first lecture he gaveeeee…as soon as he said “philosophy… Continue Reading “As I Lay Dreaming”

The Mythology of Music

Shakira Qian Remembering creates meaning.1 We expect pleasing haromines, not      j                                                               … Continue Reading “The Mythology of Music”


Shannon Sullivan As you enter through gates, you will see flowers and butterflies fluttering all over the landscape. Grab a horse and ride up the road. The roads are windy, but the views are beautiful. You will pass fields of flowers; gardenias bloom all… Continue Reading “Shannon!?”

How to Be the Most Extraordinary Babysitter

Ella Smith As a teenager, babysitting the kids around your neighborhood is a rite of passage. It teaches you responsibility for your actions and the actions of others, and it is an excellent first job for some cash on the side. For all the… Continue Reading “How to Be the Most Extraordinary Babysitter”

My Eyelashes

Avery Wood My eyelashes are angry with me.  I stayed up too late, forgot to take care of them.  Forgot to clean them, be grateful for them.  Most days I’m ok, I go about my normal day, it’s routine.  I use them, without knowledge… Continue Reading “My Eyelashes”


Lindsey Carter We lose Half our lives Sleeping. Dead, but breathing, But sleep is necessary, So we must. We waste Our childhoods In institutions That imprison us, But education is necessary, So we must. We spend Countless hours Trapped in various cubicles, Working, stressing.… Continue Reading “Time”