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Standing on the edge of a rooftop, cigarette in hand, New York City towering behind her, she smiles at the camera and begins tap dancing.

Annapolis Candle Shop

The bricks are new along the sides of the small building.

Princess Katherine and the Bookshop Prince

“Tell me the story again mama!”


“That land-mine blew up one of ours!”

Hiring a Psychic To Write Fortune Cookies Was Probably A Mistake, In Retrospect

Dear Mr. Johnson and Board of Directors, I am writing to you today because a number of restaurants across the country have filed complaints about our most recent fortune cookie shipments.

I Wasn’t Myself

I hate you.


A storm of blackened smoke obscures your eyes

Down From The Heavens It Rains Light

From the clouds to a nearby tree or roof, a lightning bolt takes only a few thousandths of a second / to split through the air.

List or Exorcist

NOTE: The following is a transcript of season 211, episode 4 of the hit HGTV series List or Exorcist?


I still think back to what you told me that night.