Category: Spring ’23 (vol. XXXI)

Home Away From Home

Annalise Heimel “Everyone come downstairs and sit on the couch, please. I have some big news to tell you,” my mom yelled from the small, dim-lighted kitchen.  During the summer of 2017, my mom gathered my siblings and me into our big, sunny living… Continue Reading “Home Away From Home”

Fruitful Youth

Nolan Coole As a kid, the world was wide, And full of wonder to explore, Each day was filled with endless possibilities and we would stare with wide eyes, And adventures to adore. The world was filled with magic, In every nook and cranny… Continue Reading “Fruitful Youth”

Overcoming You

AK Suzanne Wall Aug. 13, 2022 I know you aren’t dead, but your ghost lingers in my mind, in my heart, & everywhere we made memories together. I see those blurred moments that we shared, slowly starting to fade. I can’t say that your… Continue Reading “Overcoming You”

The Dynamic Duo

Katherine Griffin The dynamic duo. Ever since the very beginning. Gifted to me by my late grandmother, they were bright pink and blue, with fluffy wool all over them. Now they’re both gray and no longer covered in that comforting cloth. They symbolized youth,… Continue Reading “The Dynamic Duo”

Photography – Spring 2023


Kate Tyler You said you were my friend Always there until the end But then you changed the rules Lying, words of bitterness Replaced promises of forever Laughing behind my back Because you changed the rules So all alone I faced the world Filled… Continue Reading “Broken”


Harry Ursitti A silent firework Lights the shadows of my moods Bittersweet closure

Cocacolus billboardia

Sophia Hopper Just as oceans unfailingly rise every year, Coca-Cola continues its ongoing reign as the world’s largest plastic polluter, responsible for three million metric tons of plastic packaging in 2019 (Tigue). Meanwhile, Coca-Cola convinces consumers that the company cares about the environment, using… Continue Reading “Cocacolus billboardia”

Textiles & Ceramics – Spring 2023

Visual Art – Spring 2023